Monday, May 5, 2008

low confidence

have you ever told someone about someone who is actually the person you're talking to, only that the person you're telling the story to doesnt know that you are actually talking about him?

okay, whatever.

but doesnt it feel like a heavy load is off your shoulder somehow?

one more paper to go. MGT - IT in business. i bunked pn yus's lecture several time. dont blame me, her lectures were boring. huhu. and now i have no idea what the overal course is about. i have to read the whole textbook in 3 days time starting tomorrow coz because the exam is on thursday, and after that, freedom! yeah.. but on friday ive got like 2 meetings one for npsc and the other is for akrab. and, in the morning we're going ice skating at sunway. wohoo. and the next day, we're planning to go around kl. man, we're so over the limit. hehe.

aite then, off to sleep. later.

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