Sunday, January 25, 2009

letter to somebody

dear future other half,

i'm writing this because i'd like to talk to you. i do not know where to start because i dont know who you are, where you are, but im sure our path will cross someday. i dont know your name and your face, but i wouldnt mind that much. all i'd know is that when i stumble into your life, or you into mine, our lives would just seem a little brighter. the whole world doesnt have to know the feelings we have for each other, we dont have to be together all the time, but its better than having to live with "proximity without intimacy". we may not be together all the time but we share this special connection only you and i know about.

when we get to know each other better, i hope you can look past my many flaws. you may at first thought me as someone carefree and easy but then soon you'll see that im mostly emotionally unstable. and how i wish i am more easier of a person to be with. i may attack you with questions and my looming doubts but please be able to tolerate with those. im not asking for much, i wont ask you to like my kind of music and i wont be critisizing your playlist either.

as you get to know me you'll notice that im kind of obsessed with the sky. how i clumsily eat. the crybaby that i am and the way i try hard not to cry. and you will also get to know that i get cravings for certain food without no reason. i may also smile with my gums showing. how i like touches and cuddles. the way i like to work out but at the same time freaking out about how i sweat alot. and eventually you'll learn to live with me.

i dont mind if you suck at sports, or if you sing terribly. cuz all i know is when you sing to me, it'll be the most sweetest sound. i dont mind if you dont have the bestest of hair cuz all i know is that i will eventually mess it up, running my fingers through the strands. you may smell after a session of working out, but i will probably steal your cool shirt that smells like you. and i'll learn to live with you.

i have alot more to say, but i'll save them till the day i meet you. i'll be waiting and trusting that you'll find me without losing your way. i hope you dont take too long getting here, whoever you may be.

sincerely with lots of love waiting,
mardhiyah xxx

"We enjoy warmth because we have been cold. We appreciate light because we have been in darkness. By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness."
David Weatherford


anumz sarah said...

I hope you'll find that someone. Becaus you're so sincere with yourself,it makes any right minded someone truly cares...


wanderfulmadnificent said...

i just happen to come across these words, "proximity without intimacy". nway, love the letters, wuuu, u know what, its better late than never and its always so much better when ur ready, with that said, good luck!

and pray that Allah gives u the very best because u deserve it ;)

Hannan AzizUL said...

mardy!! this is such a sweeeeet letter!! awwwhhh. i terharu n touched while reading this, ure sucha romantic person..

~~ i should let someone knows about this so that he knows where to start *wink wink*

mardhiyah said...

thanks anum.. thanks kak madihah for the comments :')

hannan> ttbe muncul? hahah. wey lme gle x dgr cter. btw,"so that he knows where to start". HE? sape kah gerangan????? hmmmmmm...

missingstar said...

i luv those words dear

mardhiyah said...

erm thanks.. but may i know who u r?