Monday, October 5, 2009

once in a while

hello world.

its been a while~

raya was just like usual, except for a few additions in the family : newborns, newlyweds~ its good to meet new people. and its October for God's sake! 2 to 3 weeks to final exams and im ready not! and to make things a little bit worse, we've got no study week! how lucky~ *sigh* its terribly upsetting to realise how dependant i am on study weeks. said i wanted to turn over a new leaf but things still remain how they were. *again, sigh*

October also marks that im a year older. twenty-two~ i am already 22? damn~ happy birthday me! which also means happy more responsibilities. i remember blogging about maturity on my last birthday. (please refer to this entry) im going to blog about something else later on~ hehe..

anyway, just wanted to share a few chain pics i made when i was bored..

oh hey

name is wabbit. you got chocolate? yes?

i want some. lemme have some

im coming to get chu chocolate!~


nearly there~~

to be continued~~ hehehe

okay, im off the net, gotta make my way to puncak alam! huuuu later blog~

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