Tuesday, December 1, 2009

out you clutters

What is becoming of me these days, i have no idea..Slept early, woke up late, eat all i want and be ignorant, carelessly placing my posessions and forgetting things. Got told off by a customer "Im talking about the sun and youre talking about the moon" how embarassing: this state I'm in. A close friend of mine told me ive lost my focus. He's right. I'm out of control of my own self.

It is probably a good thing that i get into "work" a little late today, im still waiting for her to text us the time when we could get into "work". Preparing myself for every possibilities, im taking this extra free hours to ponder and reflect upon things: which I havent had the oppurtunity to do so these past few days.

Dear God, help me fix myself. you know every little thing thats in my heart, please, I need you.

currently listening to: Always Be There: Maher Zain [thank you iman]

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