Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've been listening to Maher Zain - Open your eyes on repeat. non stop. cant get enough of this song.. such an eye opener.

Today was great. I had a lottttt of fun with new friends but most are actually..hurm how should i say this? old? kecik hati kang. hehe. much much older than me laa. not one to two years older but many many years older. hehe. theyre my new friends i made masa kerja kat CNI. went for a bowling tournament with them..actually i have to replace one of the kakak sebab die kena chicken pox. *May you get well soon!* bak kata my new friends, mmg setiap tahun CNI wat bowling tournament. my team sama dgn abg zameri, abg saiful & abg lah, nama team ktorng LIPAS KUDUNG and like expected tak dapat menang pape *SOB SOB* (tapi dapat UP cafe green tea white cafe abg fairuz bagi hee TQ!), my right thumb felt abit sore but it's allright because i hadda great time with them. dapat jumpa dengan family2 diorng, anak2 mereka yang comel2 belaka. esp anak abg azreen & abg halim. rase cam nak geget2 je pipi. uhuu.. then went for jalan2 makan angin.. tak reda lagi penat pegi berjalan2 lagi haha. balik umah mak pulak ajak pegi shopping.. ape lagii :)) SAY YES la kan heeee.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this great time you have given me. thanks jgak pada abg fairuz sebab bawak pegi aquarium.. suka suka sukaaaa tgk haiwan2.. :)) oh God, its only 2 weeks that i'm here but im so scared i will get too latched on -_-;;;

tomorrow my parents will leave for england for one whole week. research thing. OHH..fortunately my aunt is here to take care of things because i wont be able to be at home when my lil sis & bro come back from school every day. thanks makcik leha!

okeyla enough for today's entry. Alhamdulillah.. blog off ! :))

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