Monday, November 15, 2010

hollow holiday

cant wait for deathly hollows. like what atenakaeVil said most likely iwe're gonna line up for the first tix the day before release. just like good old days. haha.

i've registered for skp. that's it. it's final. it's definitely puncak alam for me this holiday. after raya haji that is. promise lab, wait for meehhhh~ imma conquer you haha. 10 years from now, i will be remembering this as something different i'd chose to do whether i like it or not. holiday is STILL holiday though. WE will be planning something out of weekends, anything.. or at least imma find some holiday survival kit. new canvas perhaps?

lets just see how it goes.. happy holiday everyone~

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

kak mard!
jgn jealous!
dah beli tiket harry potter dah!

11pm 18nov @midv.
tak beratur pun tadi! kosong! xD