Monday, April 16, 2012

Awesome people

I have been busy with work i didnt have the slightest chance to update my blog. So here, ive run out of words to describe whats been happening for the past half a year or so. Omg reaaaaaally that long? Gomenne. I dun even know who are still bothered to come here anymore, no one,maybe. And that probably is a good sign because i can write everythin i want yeaaah.

Anyhowwww, here are some pics, im just too tired to write more.

My hpj mates. All prps.

Me and suba at store perubatan. Luvd my rotation heree!

Kak ena. Miss her bcuz she will find food fr me everytime i say im hungry ♥

Doing check and found (stock check) at store, with kavitha.

Smetimes we have to go for ward checks as well. Tis is desmond, my fellow mate so rajin ah this guy.

Wit meimei and zoey at the tdm area.

Before we go for our forensic law exam. Thinking about this makes me nervous all of a sudden p. Homai.

Talk by pfizer. Reasons for change at le meridien hotel, KL.

We even go out for some tutti frutti! Or sometimes, lamb kabshah!

I cant believe weve already gone through 5 month of hell! But we managed to make it less of a hell and more of a heaven. Eh yeke.

And now im at klinik kesihatan, away from hospital (or probably just 5 mins drive away), i kinda miss it, but im going to make the best out of everything here! Lets do this together yeahh!

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