Monday, March 16, 2009

i dont know anymore

i havent been on the mood to write anything at all. i dont know why. blogging used to interest me alot but the spark dims out from time to time. i dont know. but truth be known, im just tired. i dont know whats been bugging me, but im really tired of it bugging me. i wish time would just slow down for a bit. its been flying too fast. a bit too fast for me to keep up. or is it because im just a little too slow? boohoo x(

mr. bed loves me more and more every day. suffocates me into la dream land as early as 9pm. thats a lie. sleep pattern is messy. im stabbing my own back for not being able to hold onto the new yr resolutions. i dont know what kind of person i am right now. i feel lost, i want to fix everything but mr procrastination wont let me. i effing hate you to bits, mr. P - i wish you never existed.

fictional characters fill up empty spaces. spaces of people who needs them filled. spaces that cant be filled by regular people. does that even make sense?

tonight 9pm, KBSworld. gu junpyo oppa. cant wait. maybe he's the sole reason why im writing this. maybe, just maybe.

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