Saturday, March 21, 2009

anything happy

my posts are depressing. i want to try to write something happy. anything happy like googlybear or smoochie poo. but with the state im in, i think its quite impossible. last night was the closest thing to my past happy times. not quite but close. makes me want to go back to where i was 2-3 years ago. but eff that. the rewind button on the boombox called life doesnt work. it never were. i can only use the play button, used it for the longest time it got weared out. i miss the things that's absent in la vie right now but i know im certainly going to miss everything right now in the future. does that even make sense to you.

pft. that was my first attempt. paragraph one doesnt sound too happy.

if i were calvin maybe i'd be happy.

the picture looks happy but i nicked it off the net. so blergh.

second attempt. failed.

i sound so ungrateful dont i. yes i do. i have so many things in this world to be happy for. i really hate this negative shit so ive made a list of the things that want to do more often.
  1. dance like no bodys watching.
  2. relax
  3. smile
  4. be thankful
  5. be my own wannabe
  6. forgive
  7. love
  8. more giving
  9. do what i like
  10. like what i do
final attempt dont sound so happy but the effort made me happy :)


izzatizaki said...

be happy!!!hehe :D

badruddin said...

yurps.. doing stuffs yields a lot happier moments