Saturday, February 23, 2013

Change is the only thing constant.

It has been a while. Maybe im not entitled to become a blogger anymore since im jst growing up to become lazier to translte my thoughts into words. Maybe the older i am,  i prefer to voice my thoughts out to a certain group of people rather than writing it down and let the whole wide world read it. Maybe its becuase i found it more interesting to have live feedbacks than what seemingly like talking alone. Whatever.  People change.

But still, this blog is to be kept.

So here i am, pen down again. A lil update : im now a fully registered pharmacist.  Serving my people to please the almighty. InsyaAllah. A little far from home, though. Appx 150km away from my comfort zone, im now at.. What they say.. "titik tengah semenanjung" .. Temerloh,  that is. Yes. Im now legally dealing drugs at hospital temerloh. But specifically a clinical pharmacist. Its my dreamjob, i must say, alhamdulillah. But im far from proud of who i am now for my clinical knowledge is still as shallow as piss on concrete.

Its always an urge to share things that i have learnt during working hours. Things that i see, what i observe, what ive heard. Theres something that particularly catches my attention last week during the daily morning rounds with physicians and specialist.

"kesian kan, it could just happen to anyone"

I heard her say. One of the doctors. I agreed.

Humans. Weak. We live as though we are in control of ourselves. Its already a weak mind to have a thoughtthat we are able to take charge of our own selves. But no, just in a blink of an eye, everything that u think u r in control of, can disappear,  just like that. So who is in charge now? U know Who. The almighty Allah. Even thhat bladder of yours while passing urine, is controlled by muscles which is controlled by Allah. That eyeballs, reading this, controlled by Him. That feeling you're feeling in your heart right now, He's in control. Parasites, bacterias, viruses, worms. Ure free from them now only because Allah tells them not to bug you. But when He does, only Allah can cure. Even when doctors try to treat, but sometimes  upto a stage that they cantdo anything else othr than just conservative management.

Say alhamdulillah.

Even then, treat your body right, physically. Feed your spiritual self. Prayers. Pleas of help. Lots of it. Sometimes, thats the only thing that we can afford of...

"Allahuma 'afini fi badani, allahumma 'afini fi sam'i, allahumma 'afini fi basori"

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