Monday, April 21, 2008

daring dreamer

hello again.

i'm feeling a little yellow. whatever that means. its all mixed up and sometimes i got all confused. pharmacy practice II had just passed. lets just forget about it. no matter how much you wanna come out of the exam hall smiling or crying, its all in the past and now its better to look forward. oh my future. i think i did allright though, except for the calculation bit. darn it. i starred that part of the lecture notes but i wasnt concerned about it. now now, lets see whos talking.

so, biochem is on wednesday. better watch out for this particular paper. ouch! no notes for genetic profiling yet. pyrimidine and purine regulation. yet more cholesterol and lipid and protein to be revised. and ive just finished watching sweeney todd. dont blame me. the brain wanted a rest. i couldnt just say no you see, so second round of sweeney todd. disgusting piece of movie, that is. but i kinda like the song toby sang, HA HA. cute and cheery.

did my pre registration. 21 credit hours for next sem. i chose arabic as third language and archery as the co-curriculum. should be fun! ive always wanted to learn the art of archery. and horse riding. a complete set i would say. hehe. and apart from that i would like to be a skillfull photographer because i love to take photos and looking at them. but how can i be a photographer if i'd like myself to be in the photos as well? hmm.

but lets just focus on biochemistry first, shall we?

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