Sunday, April 20, 2008

pretty alien

hello boys and girls.

aite. so what shall i say. new blog perhaps? aint it obvious though. jus changing the mood and environment, i shall say that this blog is officially opened at 20th April 2008, 13:06.


lets say hello to but dont say gudbye to just yet coz im still using it. just in case. hehe. all my precious memories were contained there and i aint got no guts to just destroy them! so why this url?

Among Poisons and Strangers.

well first, lets talk about poison. poison is a chemical or any form of compound that is lethal to your biological system as it causes potentially adverse effects in the body and this could lead to serious problems such as.. death? haha. there goes a pharmacy student. enough with the crap, lets just cut to the chase. i am a pharmacy student who often deals with drugs and doses. i'd say every drug is a poison if you dont know how to use it properly!

secondly, lets talk about strangers. as far as i am concerned i am always an alien because sometimes i feel like i dont belong to any group. "i wont waste my time fitting in because i dont think contrast is a sin" i like being different so i'll just say that i am unique but thats not my point. my main thing is, i like the different people around me because everyone is so different that it makes my life so colourful. even if everyone might not be a stranger to someone, there'd still this significant difference that make us stand alone and say "i am not you!"

and please note, i tend to have weird definitions of things. my view might be different from yours so i guess you will have to just accept it or thank you, i dont need your babbles on this.

thats all from me, i'd like to continue with my parenteral products lecture notes because i have a major exam starting tomoro. wish me luck buddies.

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