Tuesday, April 22, 2008

why is health pink

my headache is killing me. and there are these 3 very itchy red spots that i am trying to avoid from scratching. they're very itchy that i rubbed on some vicks on them. imah told me to put on some colgate but it makes my skin feel a little contracted so i said no, no colgate on skin please.

i had nasi goreng biasa for dinner. ate the tomatoes as usual, and i asked for imah's tomatoes coz she doesnt eat vegies. but her's tasted weird i guess it was rotten and i bursted out from the room and threw up in the toilet. i only tasted that effing rotten piece of tomato and my whole damn appetite just lost. and now im freaking starving. i usually have a stock of foods like gardenia or nutella or lexus or jacobs or raisins or crisps but tonight everything is finished. i guess study week not only mean studying but also eating. and eating. and more eating. no wonder i gained a kilo for the past few weeks. oh my. who cares. i like gaining weight. to a certain extent, that is :P

i feel sorry for one of my mates. during these exam times she fell sick and couldnt really do anything properly. she came to my room just now to ask about some blardy biochem questions on diabetes mellitus and its relation to glucokinase and also some other questions but right after about half an hour she fell asleep. i feel so sorry for her. huhu. even now im having a headache and i cant focus on studying. take a good care of yourself people. i hope no one gets ill coz health is precious.

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