Monday, February 2, 2009

merry february

how times flies. (cliche much?)

it feels just as though new year was yesterday when a month has already gone by. alhamdulillah, life is still very much bearable, thanks to the many supporting hands.

in just a month i've already learnt quite a lot. if last sem the topic was cancer cells, this sem its chemotherapy. im learning to cope with this situation where "the closer u get to some ppl, the more u realise that ur just a stranger". im learning to deal with the fact that you cant forever make someone your first option when ur just a second option to them. btul kan. hihi. mcm idiot jer rasenye tepuk sebelah tangan ni. tres pathetique. mais c'est okay, je me debrouille bien.

NPSC 09 has also taught me a lot. valuable lessons that cant possibly be taught anywhere else. indeed lah, experience is the best teacher. merci beacoup NPSC. je t'aime! haha. today i feel like tuning into french mode lah. i'm missing my madame perronne. and the fact that its snowing at this very moment at the other part of the world is making me pure sick with jealousy. but yeah, im glad at least it rains here XD

more challenges waiting ahead of me! am i prepared??


anumz sarah said...

Jom buat roti french comical pulak...LOL!

mardhiyah said...

haha.. je m'appelle roti et j'habite a toi stomach! haha. lupe stomach dlm bhase french ape ;P