Sunday, April 10, 2011

it's probably useless

Those moments when our laughter can be heard all over the place. Those moments when joy overfilled our heart. Those moments when smiles will appear nonstop. Those moments when nobody will wish to have an end. Those moments when we will not stop talking.

Those moments when there is an urge to write and you spill everything on a paper. Those moments when you think today is the best day of your life. Those moments when you wish it to happen again. Those moments when you think it may only happen once in a life time. Those moments when you promised something but it ended anyway.

Those moments when you will just sit and ponder about it all. Those moments when you are thankful but you know that there is noway to return it. The joy. The fun. The laughs. The talks. Those moments. Memories that will always be memories and probably nobody can change that fact. :-)

You could probably guess what I've been doing today.


Mhm.. Things come and go. Feelings run and they flow. Hatred will be locked safe inside. Whereas the happiness are free to fly. Odd thoughts accumulate as I read sentence by sentence of a rather less attractive epilepsy lecture notes which I don't really fancy. The mind would start to wander off somewhere further than the sky above and I'd ponder upon things that struck my mind out of the blue. I'd be tangled up in my own world for mere seconds till my friend's laughter can be heard from across the room. Wake up.. I'd lead myself in a realm of my medieval times, the surroundings were ever so clear. It was those mesmerizing days where I would either cheer till no voice can be heard or smile the whole day till my jaws suddenly drops. But, I wasn't really keen on remembering them recounts. It'll just make me yearn for it, again. It's no good.

Off to bed. Yes, this early. Good night.

Q: how's your heart lately?
A: beating well enough, thanks for asking.


[ib] said...

Nice one. Poet.

Mardhiyah said...

Thanks sir, I'm no poet, just writing from the heart :)

'atikahzahir said...

=))))))) mar,,,,,,,it's truly u,,,,,

Mardhiyah said...

kak tikah :-) thanks :-DDDDDDD