Thursday, March 5, 2009

mar in march

1st march, Futsal piala dekan '09. even though i did not take part in any of the games, i still wanted to be there, cheering for dear beloved friends. congratulations to team WAKAKA and HUHA, to DROWSILY IN LUV and the other i-dont-know-the-name team, its okay its allright come on part 4 fight fight fight (next tournament that is :P)

4th march, jason mraz live in malaysia.
wont talk much on this. twas okay.

upcoming events;
  • 7th & 8th march, lompat tali utk jantung.
  • 9th march, trip to the UIA festival thing.
  • 20th march, Summit of Excellence, MPG dinner.
  • 27th & 28th march, visit to the faculty of pharmacy, UiTM penang.
oh yeah, not forgetting,
  • Mr ahmed's emulsion lab report.
  • Volhards titration lab report
  • Marketing NAZA company report + presentation.
  • Marketing individual assignment.
  • Mr Tommy's emulsion presentation
  • Dr Rosmadi's assignment
  • Dr Kala's short notes
and blardy STUDY!! i should start studying, like right now! prof aisyah woke me up from my deep sleep this morning. and ive realised how much time ive wasted. my prof zaki's test results were freaking bad, but i knew i deserved it cuz i wasnt answering the questions, i was blardy colouring the OMR sheet instead. yeah, so the results were somehow telling me "IN YOUR FACE!"

i did not like the feelings i got then =(

tomorrow ive got arabic test. in 10 minutes time im gona break my strong bond with the internet by this current determination i have.

im already liking you, march.


izzatizaki said...

owh march..thousands of assignment to do..huhu

badruddin said...

wow.. arabic! guess what, I finished my english and arabic already, but still got BM waiting on the list.. AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

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