Monday, March 2, 2009

mar mraz

hello march of 2009 :D

your first week is what im looking forward to. especially the night of 4th of March at kl. shall be great fun with me old mates + cousins, oh em gee, i cant wait! but the day after, you might find me weary kot. sorry mr. kuliah, good thing is, you start at 1030am. hihi. :D

monday and tuesday night : dating with my gu junpyo oppa.
wednesday night : dating with my second oppa. he's going to play the guitar for meeee. my name is to be changed to mar mraz soon. haha. just wait n seeeeeeeeeeeee :D
good thing sophys meeting wont be held that night as well. wohooo :D

this post is purposely here to thought out my excitement :D please be patient dear readers, i dont get excited that often. :D

i want chocolateeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D


izzatizaki said...

mar mraz,
you're going to the concert.owh now im feeling sad cant go to the concert.huhu.
btw,we've class with prof aishah 8.30 the next day ye.hehe
enjoy the concert!

Anonymous said...

mar mraz??? noooooo! (nada jeles)hehe
ps: gu junpyo is totally hot!

mardhiyah said...

huhu.. xde la bes sgt pun concert die pun.. sebbak ticket bkn kte yg bayar.. haha

correction!! gu junpyo's superhot laa nad.. hihi