Saturday, May 2, 2009

just something

hello world. how are you today?

ive realised that my recent posts were mainly on exams and whatsnot. ive just finished another paper today. 3 down, another 2 to go. pharmaceutical analysis and chemotherapeutic drugs. today's was drug delivery system. im not saying anything on it. let bygone be bygone. i want to focus on whats going to happen in the future. any how, lets put that aside for a while and talk about something more personal. warning though, this might get incredibly cheesy or terrible or what have you. lol. since i was feeling a little lethargic both mentally and physically i decided to watch boys over flower. got the CD for a friend and im watching it like the worlds gonna end.

funny how small things make you think about things so deeply.

this drama really makes me go concsious of the fact that im single. lol to that. and especially everyone seems to be pairing up these days and ive got friends that are interested in someone that are interested in them too. its just those times that ppl are hooking up i think. lol. that sounds funny.

i havent been giving these relationships thingies much thought recently. i am nowhere ready to be in a relationship. im not one of those ppl who need to be in relationships most of the time. im happy with myself being single. much more than happy.

but once in a while, every now and then, theres this little voice inside of me that wishes for a person who would care about me more than anything else in the world. someone i can share my hopes, fears and dreams with. my situation now is more like "wanted by many, taken by none, talking to some but waiting for one" lol to that too. but no, im serious. (lol)

but hey, the world isnt coming to an end. not yet anyway, well, it may be. but its not of our nature to know so yeah literally your world isnt ending if youre single when everyone close to you isnt. im happy now. i'll just happily plod along, play my part and see what the world has got to offer. my friends told me not to worry, the right time will come and at that point of time you'll know who's the right one so just have faith that everything will work out. being single is just an opportunity waiting to happen.

im a dinasour. hear me rawr <3

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anumz sarah said...

ain't nothing but the love buzz.=) happy pairing!!