Monday, May 4, 2009

living still

hello world im blogging again. im just feeling like it though i dont really know what to say. lol!

one to go. rest is done. awe to the some? i dont know. i dont know how to feel about things these days. its like ive lost my sense of feelings in a weird way. i think its because im weird. lol. i currently have a high temperature and a slight headache but i can tolerate so i wont be taking up any drugs in. but really, this kind i-can-tolerate feeling is not really trustable because my body is now aching all over and im wrapped up in 3 or more layers of clothes like its winter cold. glad weve got 2 days gap for the next paper. i can still have my rest al though ive had enough. slept like a log for 12 consecutive hours. is that even imaginable. lol. i wish i can stop saying lol.

i say lol but im not lol-ing. how can i when im in this state.

We have our highs and lows
Just like everybody else
Doesn’t mean that we walk away
We work through our mistakes

The road’s not easy
But the feelings strong
It’s the little things that keep me holding on


anumz sarah said...


p/s: you've got a case of flu-lol-ling!! Heee..XP!!

badruddin said...

eh, sudah beli keyboard baru ke?

mardhiyah said...

anumz> hahaha. yeshh lol! lol virus. watch out!!

baddo> hehehe. nope.. keyboard lameeee yg dolu dolu punye..huhu..