Sunday, May 24, 2009

sigh is not a word

hello dearie bloggie. im back! sorry i abandoned you for quite the longest time but ive been pretty busy with stuff. hahaha. that's a lie.

ive always wanted to come to le blog everytime i could but ive always wondered who reads this. i know ive got silent readers, stats goes up but i just dont know who's been reading it so i guess i probably have to keep some things to myself. not everything is public as one wud have said theres always to every person 3 lives - public life, private life and secret life. hehe. im not even sure where i got that from or who said it but i know the quote exists :p

life has been good to me. alhamdulillah. im drinking a green slurpee and having a brain freeze. ugh. seriously. i shouldnt rush it.

im okay now xD

i wish ive got a topic to talk about. this blog has always been about myself. me me and more me. suggest one please? just not about the political war. hahah. i hate it. i know hate is a strong word, thats why im using it. seriously.

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izzatizaki said...

mar i want to drink slurpee too.have been ages looking for a slurpee but can't find it..huhu.pergi 7E mesin rosak je.