Tuesday, May 26, 2009

feels like a feeling

hello blog! can you pretend not to care? well, i can. and im doing very well on it as well. arent i worth a compliment then?

is this a holiday or what?!?! why do i still feel pressured from the inside and out? ive got things to do, things to read, things to settle, and im only making time for you blog theres not even enough time for me to play games on facebook anymore or to get online on ym..

yeah the more i think about it the more i like it this way though, keep being busy, time shall pass in a blink of that pretty eyes of yours. and yeah eventually you will forget the pain your heart is feeling. no one really understands a girl but the girl herself. i'd say every articles or books are rubbish if theyre trying to make one understand whats going on inside a girls mind.. mere rubbish! dont waste your time reading them or you would have wasted several minutes of your life for something thats not even worth it. dont worry, i dont get what im saying either. but i still have a point.. dont try to understand girls without even knowing them personally. it's not like you can generalise everything..

ugh. im trying my best not to let tears fall down my face.. im feeling very sensitive and emotional today, i wishes it rains so that i can walk around and cry without anyone noticing.

this too shall pass~

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