Monday, May 11, 2009

unread messages

hello world.

its 11:22am im waiting for the chicken to defrost. and im thinking of what to cook for lunch today. earlier days of holidays seem to be easy to choose what to cook but wait till its approaching the mid or the end, i might just go crazy. lol. i might wanna try something new this holiday. who knows?

anyway, its good that finally holiday is here. sometimes i kinda have this thought that holiday is boring. hoho. but im putting that aside and try to enjoy every moment of it. my goodfriend farahuda might come over at my house. were gonna have a good longggg chat while taking a sip of hot choc in front of the tv. somehow i prefer to stay to at home rather than going lepak at mamak's cuz at home i can freely wear what i want and definitely comfortably slouching on the big comfy couch. lol.

my post is getting pointless aint it.

i have nothing really serious to talk about. i have got approximately 3 days for opkim. tomorrow ive got to submit the badge design. and ive done absolutely nowt. 18th will be the start of intersession.. and then there wud be APPS (Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium). im thinking of entering the video contest “Traditional versus Modern Pharmacy Practice in my country”. already ive got some rough idea. but we'll see whether thats going to become a reality. im lacking the raw materials :(

check this out : my name's on there wohoo! and korean participants? fugin cooool... i wish for one who looks like gu junpyo? lol!

gotta go to chicken! blog later~


badruddin said...

takdak wakil uia ker?

anumz sarah said...

give them me big hugss!!! If it only look like junpyo...=P LOL!!

mardhiyah said...

baddo> tu arr uia tak anta wakil ke??

anumz> hahaha definitely!!