Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Viva test is tomorrow , it's an oral test on our cardiovascular related therapeutics subject and as I was reading and memorising, I let myself play a little to ease up the tension. As I am alone in this bilik tutorial level 6 (an hour before I was with a few budak asasi but they have left) with nothing surrounding me except chairs and desks,, the meaning of "play a little" was to actually surf the web with this little brown netbook my mother lent me hehe.

So, I was wandering around the web , here and there till I found this interesting word;


Weird huh? weird but in an interesting kind of way.

It sounds like a flower at first impression but I got it from a medical dictionary. It means "nonsensical sounds that mimic the rhythms and inflections of actual speech. Glossolalia may be seen in deep sleep or in trance states"

hehe. The definition reminds of my roomate. Because she told me that i sometimes talk in my sleep but she never understand what I said because I was basically mumbling and talk gibberish. I am never aware of this, though. It would interesting if I did hehe. People say it's a medical condition if you talk in your sleep, something to do with your mental health but others say it's normal and happens to everyone. I dont know.

Does anyone experience this as well or am i the only one? haha.

I'm not even sure whether glossolalia is the same as somniloquy or not. probably somniloquy is one big thing and glossolalia can be part of it, and glossolalia can also happen outside sleep whereas somniloquy happens only when you sleep. I dont know.


OKEYH! enough rest...
back to reading myocardial infarction & thromboembolic diseases. beta blocker, ace inhibitor, calcium channel blocker, diuretics and bla di bla.....

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anumz sarah said...

LOL! ZzzzZZzzzZZzzzz..
p/s: I am glossolalia-ing!=P