Saturday, April 26, 2008

what should i do

I still can’t believe that we’ve done 3 papers already. so far, I think I did alright with of course some flaws here and there. Today was pharmacology. i ain’t got no comment on it except that I have no idea the Newman projections and cyclopropyl derivative thing of acetylcholine would come up in the exam! darn it I was THAT close to remembering the structures but i cant be arsed to look it up. I got the Newman projections right although I missed out the O atom bit. I hope dr zul won’t be so strict on the markings. huhu. And yeah, say what u want coz I know I deserve it that im regretting it. Heck, can’t be bothered anymore.

whats more important is that im at home! the house was complete with the return of my brother from kelantan last week but yesterday hes gone back to his maahad so the house is short of one person back again. =(


So something has been bothering me these past few days.

Someone told me that he likes me. More than as best friends.

now, that may sound absurd but when it comes to things like this, I don’t lie. I told him to not joke around but he told me he was serious. I told him nothing yet about how I feel towards him but that didn’t spoil our friendship. It’s not like I don’t like him but its just that I only think of him as a best friend. But I’m glad he was alright with it and he’s still him the way he’s always be. And that’s why he’s my bestfriend. He doesn’t hide things and keep everything straight forward. If he has something against me he would just burst it out to let me know. And most importantly he’s always there. Maybe this is why a girl shouldnt really have a guy as a best friend.

anyway, maybe i shouldnt really be letting this blog too public as im going to talk about things that requires a little privacy. so im begging those who already know this blog can u please not link it anywhere and i appreciate it if u wud leave your footprint to let me know that uve been to this blog? i thank you.

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