Tuesday, December 30, 2008

first day of part 4

hello world.

im currently at my mum's office at fsg. came here straight after the end of pharmaceutical analysis class, which is the first lecture of sem 4.. today i woke up with a little uhhh-malasnyer-nk-gi-kelas-arini sigh. seriously, it feels like the world is going to come to an end if i were to come.

but in the end, it didnt turn out as bad. the first familiar face i saw was thia's and mima's.i was on my way out from the toilet when both of them came in and i can feel something lifted up inside and i felt the muscles on my face contracts as i smiled. dont i sound like some freak who has forgotten how it feels like to meet friends? sheesh. its just as though ive been kept out from seeing the outside world for a long time aint it? haha. talking on the phone and meeting up are two very different things. although, yes, it could somehow lessen the rindu part but its just aint the same. ah forget it. hehe but it kinda feel like a dream. mcm tak percaya dah naik sem baru.

being as happy as i am meeting my friends back again, the first lecture wasnt really that exciting. standard ah kan. haha. dah dpt agak dah pharmaceutical analysis ni mesti buat titration and all those spectrometry thingies. its not the subject though, but its the lecturer. im not trying to complain or anything and its not that i dont understand their accent but for me, its kinda annoying to keep seeing the scarf kept on falling down and she had to put it back on and there down it goes, again. its like a cycle. it goes up and it slides back down, up and down. sheesh.. maybe im the only one who's annoyed, especially sitting in the front seat, i can see it clearly and its right in front of my eyes. seriously i felt like wanting to give one my brooches to her. i just have to put up with it, i guess. its only the first day and im already talking behind her back =O

anyway, i met nabilah today! at the bus stop in front of mawar. waaa sukenye jumpa kawan lama. she was my friend back in sheffield =D lepas ni boleh jumpa selalu kan biela =D and apparently kak nisah pun sambung degree kat uitm shah alam jugak. can you see how big my smile is right now. hehe.

thats all for now i guess. its so good to be.....back? *smiles*

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