Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year 2009

today is a little tiring from the days before but im still okay, not really that tired although i do feel an increasingly stronger bond to my comfy bed.

drug delivery systems lecture this morning was okay, i guess, except that i was extremely sleepy despite the really interesting topic on liposomes (i need to get my sleep pattern right, i think im losing myself). afterwards we've got marketing and i found that our lecturer is quite an interesting person and yeah i am looking forward to her classes although the word marketing itself does sound a bit dreary -_-; after an allocation of 2 hours of npsc meeting, i let myself call it a day.

im still dreading over the fact that an hour slot of PHR472 lecture is recently added to the academic timetable. 3.10 to 4pm is somehow still unacceptable on fridays T_T whyyy oh whyy?!

oh well. life has the habit of throwing unexpected things at you.
theres still 3 hours before new year.

things i like about 2008 is that im beginning to feel a sense of belonging in pharmacy. Thank you Allah, you made this all possible. alhamdulillah. even though there are still some parts of it that i wanted to fix but i'll just leave it as it is and let it be my most effective reminder. indeed, experiences are the best teachers.

its time new year's resolution! (not in order)
be ready lads and lasses.

1) more of healthy stuff like fruits and vegies and less junks.
2) deans list
3) procrastinate....not!! (i find this v.v.v hard because i am a bad procrastinator, somebody help!)
4) more moments with books rather than the internet.
5) give away unused clothes in the wardrobe and cram it up again with more of the usables.
6) more exercises and less idling around
7) better relationships with family, friends, close friends, best friends.
8) khatam Al-Qur'an again in the least possible duration of time.
9) hafal more surah of the Al-Qur'an (my memory is worrying me lately)
10) istiqamah in following my timetable which includes studying hours, strict usage of internet and sleeping time. (better time management)

well, lets see how it is cheap aint it?

2009, surprise me.


badruddin said...

haha.. let's just see how things go.

izzatizaki said...

phr 472 spoiled our friday's plan..huhu..but what to do?
happy new year mar..
may all ur wishes come true..

mardhiyah said...

bad, huhu tbe2 it sounds a bit scary plak...

zati, taw takpe.. kacau daun btul :( huhu..happy new year to you too..have a great 2009!! insyaAllah :D