Thursday, January 29, 2009

busy bee

Me and my heart we got issues i dont know if i shud hate you or miss you. man. that song is stuck in my head. T__T just a song stuck there, dont mean nothing, really.

as much as i keep saying that ive been busy, as much as i kept complaining about it. but ive been thinking hard, i kinda like it this way. i like making myself busy. ti makes me value mr time more. helps me take my mind off the things that im not supposed to think of. might as well save the glucose for better kind of thinking, get what i mean? and i suppose being busy all day kinda gives me satisfaction, as though ive accomplished something for the day. and yeah, i get to have a better sleep. yeay! i love deep sleep. psst i have a confession: sometimes i like to stare at people sleeping. looks so peaceful and calm. lol. so tips of the day: if you dont want your face to be stared at, dont sleep in front of me xP yes world, im that weird. and yeay, ive also been sleeping like a baby and get to freshly wake up each morning with a brand new start. parappapapa i'm loving it. *huhu*

come to think of it, i hated, okay erm hate is such a strong word i think i should change it to dislike.. okay, so i dislike the way i was before, i was such a time waster, procrastination at the most. sheesh.

but being tooooo busy is not a good thing either. i still want to have quality time with my family. i still wanna have time for myself. get back to the good ol' spa therapy... ive got my girls. shoulders to cry on. jokes. good times. ^_^ some of the things i WANT are still unreachable but i guess thats only because i dont NEED it yet. im content with my life. alhamdulillah...

for yesterday, i thank you zhariff. everything isnt possible without you being there. mcm clark kent pun ade dah kot.. always there when you needed help. thanks a bunch! no more mango smoothies though xP

blog later.