Tuesday, January 6, 2009

save the earth

I'd like to make another entry to thank more of my dearest friends;
Syafiq for the turkish delight from Langkawi
Shah for the keychain from Singapore
Izni for another keychain from Indonesia

"Anything that is unexpected is the X-factor"
-Dante Hall

What a tiring day today is. Even tired-er than yesterday but another thank you to Redza for the ride to FSSR. It helped a lot, although Im sorry you had to go off to your languages class early, i had to walk all the way from FSSR to seroja bus stop under the hot blazing sun on the way back. I was sweating like a pig someones overexersizing, i can feel the heat radiating from my own self. well, erm that may be an exaggeration but seriously, i mean, seriously, Malaysia is super duper HOT but i'm actually okay with that as long as I'm in an airconditioned room, NOT outside. I used to like the sun, i was like "oh wow, today the sunshine is out" no more gloomy cuz here comes vitamin E.. but that was back in england. here, enough of vitamin E already, its even harming the skin with the UV ray. huh. Its all these global warming thing, the Earth is heating up. And i'm not helping by turning on the aircond to 18 degree celcius every night.

I think i should stop here before I go on with more complaints. Blog later.

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