Monday, January 5, 2009

express of gratitude

hello world. how are you?

im sorry mr time for abusing you but i need to write again. my floating thoughts will always be floating if its not written down or told to another person. and only then the clutter inside my head will clear. i thank you blog.

today went well as planned. printed out the poster approval letter to be sent in to fssr, got sharizal's signature on it, handed it to the dean for his signature and tomorrow insyaAllah i should be able to go to fssr and ask them to print them out. called cik suzy from jpa alhamdulillah, settled my issue. thank you Allah.

and i'd like to thank my dearest friends;
Hanis for the t-shirt from Indonesia
Izzati for the bracelet from Sabah
Ili for the gigantic pencil from Cameron Highland


today after marketing lecture from the coolest lecturer ever on earth (okay that was an exaggeration but she is kinda cool =P) i had this little meeting with the president and two others. sorry for not attending the bigger meeting last week but my name wasnt called out so i thought i wasnt supposed to go :-S anyway, yeah, i have been told what are the things that i was supposed to do and bla di bla... i found myself to be in this situation where i suddenly feel scared to hold the responsibilities. mcm zah kate "mar u okay ke, u look tensed" haha. really, sampai show up kat my face ke? ye la kot, i always cant hide my emotions until it shows up in my facial expression.

anyway, yeah, but i kinda can feel this was coming from last sem lagi. a bigger responsibility is awaiting ahead of me i just didnt thought that it was this quick. adela clue yg Allah kasi yang made me feel that way, but fair la kan, and isnt it amazing as well, sangat sangat la penyayang Allah pada kita, He always has His special way of preparing you towards the next level in your life, so that when the time comes you are usually ready, you just have to believe it.

the feeling i felt when i heard the news from shah was like the feeling i felt when i heard the news from mr johnsons (the headteacher of my sixth form college back in uk). only that the two news were different, of course. what i heard from mr johnsons was that i was appointed to be one of the 3 senior prefects. that time, it felt kinda heavy when ive been told that i had to handle those mat sallehs, but i had been given the oppurtunity to choose so i chose to be in charge of the library, keeping them quiet and lining them up according to their different years before going in the library during lunchtime and etcetera. it was wayy easier than having to control a huge bunch of kids topping up their money into their lunch cards.

so yeah, i think its time to come out from my comfort zone. it may be a little awkward to be in the front line of organising a programme but i believe with the help of countless friends around, support from my family and His endless guidance, i think i'm ready. (well sort of, until i'm clear on the intersession issue during sem break)

i just hope that i could handle my growing responsibilities to the best possible way.again, i realise that time is really a valuable thing. sheeesh... sorry mr time, i took you for granted. there will be no more of that after this. i hope.

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