Wednesday, February 25, 2009

half heartedly

hello world.

i have this weird desire to write a post. the thing is, i dont even know what to write about. hoho. so i must warn you, this post might just be a total crap.

today we had Dr Wong's lecture on Suspension. HIs lectures were never boring, i must say that his lectures were and are rather interesting. and i just love the way he explains things, relating the facts to the daily basics in our lives. it makes things easily memorised. although the lecture hall was blardyyy freezing - thank God alhamdulillah my brain wasnt "freezed" along the way xP His lecture was then followed by Pn Zatul's new product development and its life cycle. i think. something like that. i dunno why, but i quite like wednesday's session of marketing cos i think its the only time that group C is able to gather in one room. haha. lab practicals are excluded kot cuz everyone is like, busy with their own business. boohoo x(

after lunch, there was this anugerah dekan thing. congratulations to every deanlisters. (ade ke such word? hoho) it is every students dream to get at least one DL in the whole course but it takes extra effort and maybe a hint of talent to turn it into reality. so really, congrats.

“If you want to know your past — look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future — look into your present actions.”

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