Saturday, February 28, 2009

no plans to plan

try saying "plan" over and over again, it eventually becomes a weird word.

today is saturday and marks the end of february. waaaaa?

supposedly today i should be somewhere doing something but tadaaa, here i am comfortably at home writing a blog post. huahua. last night my bro had this programme at his school and i had to pick him up at 10am. i was like,say what? 10am??!! balik sndiri la boleh tak? but noo, i had to pick him up. takpelah, its not that im complaining or anything but ive made plans only that my mistake was that i didnt tell my parents earlier so they thought i was free today. hm, my bad. sorz mates.

so today saturday 28th of february i had 4 things in mind:
  1. MYPSA meeting at AIMST Kedah (awal2 lgi dah tak bleh pegi la)
  2. AGM alumni hira'
  3. MERCY warehouse thinggy
  4. BRAiN awareness at bukit tinggi.
see? never in the 4 things i had in mind was to stay at home. haha. i can only merancang tapi Allah yang tentukan. initially mmg nak pergi the mercy thing. mmg terasa malas but ive agreed to go so i have no reason to not go. but things happen. so maybe after zohor i will go to the brain awareness. insyaAllah.

to the people at AIMST kedah, happy meeting~

to the people at OPKIM, have fun guys n girls~

to the people at AGM, happy voting and accepting responsibilites~

to the people at AMPANg warehouse thing, haPpy angkuting barang. I'm really sorry, but i had no choice~

to the people at BRAiN, nntikan kedtgn sy? hoho.

next post, mr lionel.

1 comment:

ameerah said... that's why you didnt come to the AGM ek..
sian our batch tau..2 org je bdk prmpn yg g..huhu..bley g tngk gamba..awat x habaq x jd g?