Saturday, February 7, 2009

satu dua tiga go

hello world. im currently typing from windows live writer. its new and i like new things lols. when i opened my msn mail and thats moi first time since new year hahas anyway yeah there was this invitation to join a msn network from this coursemate of mine. i clicked on “Accept” and from that moment on, the ambience suddenly changed from cant-be-arsed to wow-this-is-good. I went on my space on livespaces, i read the old entries. oh my, how young i sounded like. how very teen. ye lah kan no wonder lah coz at that time i was only 17 or 18. lol. you can visit that old livespace of mine at hahaah. cari sendiri la url tu if nak sangat bace. cant be bothered to post it here.

there was this one post that i got interested in though,

…..i asked the police officer who's guarding the gate about how to get to russel square station and he said walk right i had to walk again.....-_- it was already about 10:05am tht time and i know whats the point if i walk quickly, im already late..tried to call home again but my mobile network was sssoooo was everybody else's...
so then i reached russel square station but i can't get through to the other side because the roads are blocked...polices are everywhere..not mentioning the ambulances...neee noo neee nooo everytime....people were walking, rushing, talking, im scared but i still dont know what was happening..i soo wanted to ask the polices around but they were so busy i turned around and walked the other way - which is i had no idea where...just walked and walked until i reached this place called Tavistock Square where the bus explosion happend……

this happened on the 7th of July 2005, i think.. i was young and alone. in the middle of the big London city. not in the outskirts but right in the middle. Zone 1 to be exact. My family were at home, 3 zones away from where i was. being unable to call home, with no familiar faces, and at a place so alien to myself. just try to imagine the commotion, i bet its not even close to how i felt like. 

i can relate this post to those children in Gaza. those who left alone not knowing where their parents are. i was already a young adult that time so i knew how to take care of myself, but those little children? i know how i felt that time is not even close to how theyre feeling right now. The post alone made me smile and cry inside.

Ya Rabb, kuatkanlah hati mereka, teguhkanlah pendirian mereka, lessen their burden Ya Allah.

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badruddin said...

oh-oh.. that day London was bombed. I im'ed irna, she know notheing also..