Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine notes

to mr blog: i miss you. did you miss me?

to mr time: im way behind. wait for me!

to mr ph210: you're getting a lot more demanding day to day but ive already know this was coming and no one ever said it was going to be easy. you treat me with more tests, labs, reports, presentations.. but im telling you this, im never giving up. im trying my hardest to catch up with you so please be patient with me.

to mr viva: welcome home, sweetheart. take me to where i am supposed to be and please stay healthy. im not really good with your kind so if i hurt you in any way, im really sorry. but im really trying my hardest to take care of you because i truly care.

to mr problems: i hope i can solve you quickly. i know you are here to make me strong but please be gentle with me.

to mr matric card: im getting there baby. please dont cause any trouble. did you let anyone use you to borrow books from the library or any thing of that kind?

to mr self confidence: O, wherefore art thou romeo?

and note to self : be strong! i know you can handle those misters.

Ya Allah, grant me strength, im in need of Your guidance, im dying for Your love, for I know i depend too much on You ya Rabb.

to my girls n guys: i love yous. merry lovey day.


izzatizaki said...

found ur matric card already?

mardhiyah said...

blom zati.. tak jumpe lagi.. uhuhuu...