Monday, March 30, 2009

mint times

hello world. how are you today?

im hungry.


ok i should be posting up a post simply cuz im in a mood for it :P hahas. but weirdly enuff, i dont know what to say despite of the things i have done lately are quite worth mentioning. haha. too bad though, i cant be bothered to write them here.

one thing for sure, ive been happy. thanks to my happy post :D haha. true enough, you cant depend on other people to make you happy. it all depends on yourself. but even truer, good friends contributes to the happiness as well :)

i did it
did you?

well, practically, i did not switch off the lights. i was out without electrical lights. (phone light is an exception) lol. the night of 28th was full of epic funnnnnnnnnnn. we had BBQ, acoustical karaoke, candles and beloved friends. just me and them under the moonlight. perfect. too bad the stars didnt show up, other wise it'd be super perfect.

i behave a lot more like myself outdoor, i think.

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