Wednesday, April 1, 2009


first wow:
its already april. the month that ive been "waiting" for. the month of doom. somehow i just cant be bothered about exams any longer. theyre here, so what? but this isnt me. exams used to be alot more fun. (HAHA) no, really. i used to like exams. theyre like something that i looked forward to at the end of every year. weird to say this, yes. but its true enough. once upon a time. i need to have my wow-exams-is-here-spirit back.

second wow:
last night's episode of boys before flower totally got me broken into tears. jun pyo is such a dear. i wish he's real. too bad, im not like jandi so i dont think he'd fall in love with me even if he becomes real. so yeah dream on, girl. but watching this drama actually changes my point of view about the boy-man stuff. love is powerful. a boy can truly turn into a man when he's fallen in love. wow. a boy is a boy, but a man moves you. makes you feel safe and protected. i could go on and on about this man-boy thing. but i know im in no position to talk about it. watch the drama itself. it'll move you too, i can guarantee.

third wow:
i just broke a needle into two =O

fourth wow:
no more wow.

i hope april will be awe to the some!

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