Saturday, April 4, 2009


hello world. how are you today?

i dont know where to start. im always like this and ive always hated this part of me where i have a lottttt of things to say or do but im always stuck at where to start so everything usually starts off weirdly or might even go unaccomplished. i know, pathetic.

yesterday was fathi's birthday. happy birthday fathi. i usually dont wish people's birthday on my blog unless they're special lol. but dont get me wrong. he's a good friend. i have something else to say about yesterday. let me cut it short. i got into an accident, between me and a motorcycle. but no worries, nothing serious happened and everything is settled. just my left shoulder and knee feels a little bruised probably from the impact but i think my swollen leg from futsal last year was worse xP but this really got me into a shocked condition. i dislike motorcycles before this and now i think my dislike towards it is getting worse. i probably should use hate. but i still think hate is a strong word so maybe i should just go for super dislike. wtfug. anyway yeah, now i think i super dislike motorcycles instead of just disliking them. get what i mean?

i hve got a lot more to talk about the accident thing but naa, i'll just keep it to myself.

today, i woke up late, accompanied with the fugin headache. i hate waking up late. but i felt bloody restless. anyway, the day went on with me baking flapjacks. i just love my flapjacks haha. i just wish i have someone to share them with (apart from la famille, bien sur) hoho. then after zohor, i felt like going studying so i went to library shah alam. my usual spot at level 2 from bottomest floor haha. at 5pm i went home and get ready for a jog at tasik. 6+ pm nearly 7 it rained. heavily and scary. but i like it.

and now here i am, just sent my friend kolin my karya for a fac mag. my rhyming kinda sucks. wuuuu. but i sent it in anywayy. now im in a condition where i dont know what am i supposed to do. my headache is here again but i dont like taking in drugs. so i'll just leave it as long as its bearable.

sorry this post is boring. as boring as i am.

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