Tuesday, April 7, 2009


style lh my keybord ney. guess which lphbets dont work nymore?



ctully wht hppened ws tht my lil sis ws sipping mug of hot milo in front of the comp nd then she ccidently slipped the mug off her grip nd the milo berterbur lh ts keybord. i uickly lp they keybord nd dried it off yesterdy the whole thing didnt work. even it sys im holding the ctrl key when im not. but tody most of the keys worked. but i cnt do the exclmtion mrk. let me see if the uestion mrk key is working. ? yes it does. only the left side of keybord kot. hh lol. i cnt lugh on the net only hehe not hh. get me? lol foget it. this is funny.

how m i supposed to do my lst mkt ssignment ni?


oh btw iti, (yg comment my lst entry) *first nd lst lphbet tkley gune huhu* on screen keybord kte x jmpe lh. i dont know where to find it? huhu im so pthetic.


{ uMy } said...

u might use e one yg for disable ppl..
nnt appear keyboard on screen n u can press using mouse dear.. =)

anumz sarah said...

Haha.. agree with umy... luckily is not NESCAFei from edy..hehe..

izzatizaki said...

the on screen keyboard usually kat accessories then accessibility option..both same for vista and xp.:D

badruddin said...

yah2... beli je keyboard baru. seploh ringgit kat kedai 2nd hen..

Uncle said...

on screen keyboard = All programs = Accessories = Accessibility = On Screen Keyboard *tadaaaa*