Monday, April 27, 2009

phat set

hello world.

i forgot that i had to post up something on my blog. sorry izzati! here's the mushroom soup recipe :)

what you need for the soup:
chicken (potong kecik2)
plain flour (lbih kurng setgh mngkuk/secawan- bancuh ngn air)
1 chicken stock
fresh milk (setgh kotak yg dutchlady kaler biru tu)
mushrooms (any kind) cndwn butang esp *potong kecik2 ikot selera, amount pun ikut selera*
serbuk pepper

1) rebus ayam dlm periuk smp masak.
2) add in the fresh milk and chicken stock. jgn psg api kuat sgt..
3) add in the chopped mushrooms.
4) bile mushrooms cam dah msk, add in the flour. stir well.
5) mskkan salt n serbuk pepper secukup rasa..

p/s: kalau nk sdp lg, some of the mushrooms bleh blend n add after you added the fresh milk n chicken stock..

to prepare the garlic bread tu, we just used the gardenia bread and spread garlic spread on it and toast. if nak proper get a baguette from tesco/giant for a ringgit kot.. hehe..happy cooking! :)

exam has started..woohoo? lol. idk. 2 papers had passed already and i have no idea what ive done or answered or did or whatever i could think of. all i know is ive got 4 days gap for the next one. sheesh. im glad one thing is out of the way though. our research abstract for APPS. sent it in to prof sal and awaiting for her approval. i hope she's not very picky..we did the best that we could. now i just hve to concentrate on studying Pharmaceutical Analysis (especially) , Drug delivery system and Chemotherapeutic drugs.

ive got so many things floating inside my head right now, ive got no idea which one to keep and which should be disposed of. i guess i'll let them float up there till my head is about to pop and at that point of time i might be needing another bar of cadbury. im surviving so far. alhamdulillah.

but i wanna try something out of norm. idk what?


izzatizaki said...

thanks for the recipe and will try it after exam..need extra time for all these exams stuffs.haha

good luck dear!

anumz sarah said...

Bleh ke kalau mar masakkan? Mar masak,anum makan.^^ hehe...