Sunday, April 19, 2009

twenty three

sidq love
abg ery
syafiq oppa
red panda
super skema sidq (3S)
taugeh terminator
mr most radiant smile

a post specially dedicated to mohd syafiq jamil abd nazir. happy birthday!

im not sure whether he reads this blog or not. hehe. a classmate of mine. if i were to talk about him in here i wouldnt have that much space and time. he's a cool fella. plays the guitar and drives a mini. sings well too. sun is shining, birds are chirping and syafiq is singing. haha. theres more but i wont talk much. nnt die kembang spentot kalau die bace. hahaha. if you're reading this, have a great year and have fun on your birthday!!

and owh, happy birthday to ciha cheesy too!! the writer of weird but unique handwriting. haha "demo lo ni hi tok supo muloo, tok berani kawe nak tego" hahaha. i dont even know what that means T_T

much luv xxx

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