Friday, June 19, 2009

top of alam

today i woke up feeling great. a lovely midnight conversation followed by a good night sleep are just what i needed in times like these. thanks to you mumblebee. i feel so alive these days :D (i hope mumblebee is not reading this otherwise mumblebee will get very very kembang. lalalala~)

last night we got latest news from puncak alam. eh. news about puncak alam. doubts cleared. phewness beared. i particularly like this bit :
"Pihak MPP telah membuat perbincangan dalam mesyuarat dengan pihak kolej kampus puncak alam dan telah berjaya untuk membenarkan setiap pelajar memilih pasangan bilik sendiri.

Sistem kolej di kampus puncak alam adalah apartment yang boleh memuatkan seramai 8 orang sebilik

Ketua bilik yang diatas pelantikan pelajar sendiri diminta untuk emelkan senarai 8 orang ahli bilik kepada MPP fakulti masing-masing sebelum 3 julai 2009. 25 jun 2009"
we were really wondering whether we could choose our own roomates and then started to imagine life when we had to live with anyone unfamiliar to us. should be a good change but what if they're not of one opinion with you in a way that harmonious environment seems far than impossible to achieve. life must suck big time. whats with the whole new situation and living with strange people. i disliked that idea so im writing a post to especially say: O God, im so glad with this news ! alhamdulillah. thank you Allah.

im a little curious of how things will be, a tint of excitement adds up to it, but the majority of it is hesitancy. i dont mind changes, i can cope fairly well with it but i reaaaaly hope its a good change that wont distract me from my commitments. if you get what i mean? HEHE.

enough about that, i need to get ready for a day of discussing peripheral nervous system and its pharmacotherapeutics. Pstt: im going to vandalise some of uitm's property today. dont stop me. haha



anumz sarah said...

Go supermar!!! Let UITM Shah Alam remember us!! hehe...

Thank you so much for the post dearie... I can breath freely now... what a relief.. Let us email our 8 housemates like we plan a.s.a.p.

p/s: I make a vote for you or tira to be our house leader. Both of you seem to get info better and accurate. ^^ Would do good for all house members.=)

mardhiyah said...

hahaha! yeah dah vandalise!! but only the whiteboard T_T lalalala~

hanum, i need your matric number ASAP :D