Wednesday, June 17, 2009

polka dots rock

i think by changing the layout i *might* get more uplifted in updating my blog. yeah right *sarcasm tone*

its my second post in a day anyway so maybe its working. haha. applause please :p the test this morning was okay i guess, alhamdulillah. i really cannot believe that we have got less than a week for the final exam ! i dont know whether to scream for fear or happiness but i feel like screaming on the top of my lungs ! read my poker face people, what does it say? haha . im going to start off tomorrow with an early morning, get proper breakfast instead of nutella spreads HAHA. and off to the library. oh God please, i really need it to work this time, if i get an A it will greatly help in improving my CGPA. sometimes i think my internal determination isnt enough to drive me around and about. i need external forces as well ! sheesh, help me friends. how lovely you guys are. hehe :p

im currently addicted to this one song by DBSK - why have i fallen in love with you. of course i have no idea what the song means though >_< i just love the tune. gosh cant stop listening to it. doushite? and owh, i like taylor swift A LOT but her new song "thug story" with T-Pain is just plain weird T_T oh well, just a piece of my thought.

goodness, done clearing things out of this mind. blog off !


emma songall said...

here the video with sub.[[eng%20Sub]]

mardhiyah said...

OMG thankssssss alottt!!! greatly appreciated! :D :D

Bandit said...

the "Thug Story" video was pretty funny, it's obviously not Taylor Swift's scene though

mardhiyah said...

i knoow aint it! i think theyre only messing around.