Sunday, July 5, 2009

check check


i wont talk much. got a call from the health dept. i am tested positive for H1N1. i am now waiting for the hosp ppl to come and pick me up. I however, dont feel sick. no fever, just coughs. but i did have contact with H1N1 infected patients. two of them were my malaysian apartment-mates. one was my groupmate from indonesian. im sure everything will be fine but dear friends, please still pray for my recovery.

i believe everything happens for a reason and this is a way of Him reminding me to ponder on my wrong doings in the past.


izzatizaki said...

mar,get well soon.
everything gonna be ok and we'll wait for u at puncak alam!

anumz sarah said...

mar,we all pray for your health dear. Allah will always be with those who sabar. Salam from all the housemate in puncak alam.

Izyan Nazihah said...

kmd, get well soon :)