Monday, July 13, 2009

moi commentos so far

post is currently being written in room A2405.

hello world. how are you today?

i'm feeling allright i guess. not much is going on at the new campus puncak alam at the mo so i can say nothing much about it. anyway there are still some things to be commented on. (HEHE)

hostel - pretty good. i like the tiled floor instead of cement like in melati. hehe.. everything is in good order so far. hehe. just one thing - i havent registered yet becuz i forgot to bring my four passport photos so room keys arent in my possession yet. sheesh. very tak bes.

food - no comment yet. im planning to fast this whole week (puase ganti. huu). today is the first day and i havent bought food for iftar yet so yeah no comment.

faculty - massive. fullstop.

internet connection - i mustnt sound so ungrateful. theres internet connection here alhamdulillah but then access to facebook, utube is blocked by websense. i see no point in them blocking the websites. i mean, its okay la but why cant they unblock it after office hours.tak boley? its only facebook. hoho. i was searching the web for some tips to bypass websense but then websites with keyword of "proxy avoidance" are also blocked. LOL

i particularly like the atmosphere. it feels calm and serene here. anyway, alhamdulillah.

im still going home every weekend though! ngee ;D

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