Saturday, August 15, 2009

rise and shine sunshine

hello world . good morning.

i feel like writing a blog post this early morning. i am so a morning person 12am is my bedtime and i got out of bed at half past 6. i just love listening to the birds chirping cheerfully as if theyre talking to each other. accompanied by a hot chocolate plus no chores is just heavenly enough. but this morning sadly though, im not just going to fill my self up with sugar, theres a few chores to be done, i think la famille left the house in a rush, theres a pile of dirty laundries and the PS set wasnt put away in its own place. but no matter, no harm done, no complaints, theres not much to be done anyway, will make some roti telur for breakfast and then i will be off to uitm to watch my friends challenging their physical capability and kicking balls. hehe.

i wana make a toast.
here's to serendipity, to love, to craziness, to health, to faith, to beginnings, to things worth fighting for, to living life to the fullest and to the moments that we didnt know what the hell we were doing but loved every minute of it. cheers~

Abu Suhayb Sinaan (radiAllahu anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) said:
"How amazing is the case of a believer;there is good for him in everything,and this charactristic is exclusively for him alone. If he experiences something good he is thankful and that is good for him; and if he comes across some diversity,he is patient and that is good for him."

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