Friday, August 14, 2009

going back and forth


im so happy im home. haha. i was upset enough 2 days ago when i got a call from my mum saying that the whole family is going to cameron highland because dear mum has some meetings with some other researchers over there and they had to stay there until sunday and sunday theres gona be this marathon thing which basically means that i cant go back home! because
first, i dont have the house keys
second, that was the only reason. hehe.

but then at 2pm today dear mum called again and said my brother isnt going with them which means that i get to go home! weehoo and here i am, home sweeet home! i just had to escape from the painfully monotonous routine ive been doing in puncak alam for the whole week. yes, for the whole blardy week! shower, lecture classes, food, exercises, internet, sleep, repeat.

haha but looking at it individually, i pretty much enjoy doing them actually.

shower.....nice & refreshing
lecture classes.......educating & fun
food........yummy & delly
exercises......feels sooo good
sleep.........the best

but having them on repeat, stuck in a cycle of these things theyve all become terribly boring that i wanted to do new crazy things..theyre my forms of escapism. haha. *okay mardhiyah, save the breakthroughs now :P*


i was reading my old blog just now. i typed in some random entry number and it was actually pretty amusing to read my old thoughts and rambles! hahaha! how young i was back then and how young i am still now :p anyway, my last entry was

and my first everrrrr blog entry:

*i actually just read the comment hanum made in my firsttt eveeerrr blog entry*
"my goodness,it reminds me of schools and uniform...miss the time with all my friends...evidently young at heart mar...hehe"

haha. i miss the old times at school. seriously serious.

some random blog entries :
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and i particularly like this entry!! i dont know why, maybe cuz it got pics in it. pics i havent seen in agess!!!
Weston-super-mare yesterday. O_O

oh my days~~ i miss i miss!! i want to go back in time but oh well, the clock dont go anticlockwise. huhu T_T i guess im just going to keep up doing crazy stuff and write blogs for future purposes. hahas~

later blog.

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