Tuesday, October 13, 2009

greatest gift of all

hello world. how have you been?

today is the day i got discharged from demc. 5 days, 4 nights there has taught me a lot of things and got me thinking about some stuffs.

but why you may ask? nothing serious really. incidentally got this nasty bite from some kind of poisonous insects called the rove beetle or most commonly known as charlie~ fuh~ my right eye was swollen bad i drove home with the other one eye. haha. there were these nasty long stripy shaped blisters on my left cheek and some down my neck.. it was stinging me terribly but i thought it wasnt that serious until 2 days later i woke up with a swollen face and eye on the very day of my birthday. how funny~

when dr noraziah a specialist err.. specifically a dermatologist first saw me she straight away knew that it was an insect bite. not an allergy reaction as i first thought it would be. hehe. she was worried that my eye might get infected so i had to be held warded. just my luck~ on my birthday as well..

but no, im not complaining neither am i moaning. i told myself to look at everything on the brighter side. i may not be seeing the bright side now, but i do believe that it is there. Allah has His own special way of reminding me and and I believe He is constantly communicating with me.

everything i own in this world isnt truely mine. money, time, serenity, beauty, intelligence, health and even those who are close to us. they belong to Allah. so being rightfully His, He can take away anything he wants in just a split second. so here i am, still in a good condition, excellent health, be reminded that i shall take good care of my health, and use it wisely to improve myself and possibly others around me.

i realise that there are more unfortunates out there, im so blessed that im still a happy healthy young lady.. and, my caring umi & ayah, loving sisters and brothers, wonderful close friends, best friends, good friends around me are just, exactly, what i needed for my birthday. that really is the most greatest gift of all.. Alhamdulillah~ i wont let this gift be wasted O Allah.. thanks a lot to those who came in to demc to visit me, to celebrate my birthday, and not to forget those who constantly wishing me to get well soon, calling me from afar, pumping up my motivation.. hanya Allah sj yg mampu balas jasa korng..

"Tidaklah seorang hamba yang ditimpa musibah mengucapkan, "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un, ya Allah berilah aku pahala dalam musibahku ini dan gantilah untukku dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik," kecuali Allah akan memberikan pahala dalam musibahnya dan akan memberikan kepadanya ganti yang lebih baik." (HR. Ahmad 3/27)

there.. tomorrow im going back to puncak alam.. see what's waiting for me, and im sure there will be A LOT!! of assignments and tests~ lol~

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