Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year 2010

apparently friday is the first day of 2010 ! wohoo ! my favourite day :) 2 days to go for new sem to start! semester six, sixieme baby ! what does that tell you ?! more work , more effort ! haha !

im starting to realise that this post is starting with too much of exclamation marks. am i really that excited? lol. only God knows. seeing my packed timetable, it takes my breath away *whatever that means*

i read my happy new year 2009 entry.

is it time for new year's resolution ? haha. probably 2009 would be the end of me listing out resolutions. i dont mean to say that new yr resolutions are useless.. nay. for me, they are actually something that shows that you have got at least that bit of intention to improve yourself. yeaah, in the end, everyone wants to improve right? to be better than who we were yesterday or yesteryear *if that kind of word exist* heheh. i was thinking of why people make resolutions at the end/start of every year, why not make it every month or every week or even every day? we ought to be better each day, right? alhamdulillah, the ones i listed out last year, some i have achieved, and some are yet to be practiced. but all in all, im so grateful that im still alive and have the chance to fulfill the unfulfilled resolutions hehe.

i hope that everyone had a good start to this year.

just to share something for this new year *got this from taqiyuddin*:

"Janganlah bimbang jika ada orang yang benci dan tidak senang kepada kamu. kerana ramai lagi orang lain yang akan menyayangi dan mengasihimu.. Tetapi bimbanglah jika Allah tidak senang kepadamu. Kerana tidak ada yang lain selepas itu yang akan menyayangi dan mengasihimu, di dunia dan di akhirat.."

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