Thursday, December 24, 2009

wake up call

hello world. how are you today ?

have you ever felt like quitting something you have been doing for the last several years? well i'm feeling it now. i can feeeeeeeeeeeeel it.

i've been blogging since the end of 2003. at that time i was still a high schooler, year 11 to be exact. everything i wrote about was about some random rants concerning my daily doings, probably because i just had to write something. it was back then and the name stayed that way for quite a long time.

2-3 yrs ago, somehow, i like a hint of anonymity in the url so i changed it to . but then short after that i got bored of blogdrive and voila, this blog was activated. farewell blogdrive and 504 blog posts, it was time to start anew. well, actually, not really new, cuz ive had blogspot before i registered for blogdrive but i didnt quite like blogger when it was first introduced.

anyway , why blog ?

at first, it was all just for fun, to share something you've discovered on the net, posting the lyrics you like probably because it relates to you, to keep all the memories, to every single details. and the emotions too, when i read the older entries on my blogdrive i can still feeeel the emotions coming along when i once wrote it. to basically keep the memory fresh. but then, when i got older, wanting to express my views and opinions of particular topics become more significant. talking in front of people is something, but it's easier to just blog. sometimes i think blogging can lessen the burden of keeping things inside of you, cuz somehow when you blog, you are talking to someone. it may sound a little pathetic but it is trueee.

however lately, i kind of lost the vibe of blogging until i feeeel like quitting. i just cant be bothered anymore. seeing no feedbacks recieved despite the increasing number of page views.. i know there are silent readers of this blog but oh well.. its not anyone's fault to refuse dropping any comments because im a silent reader of other people's blog, myself ! haha. its really goes around~

so i told one of my good friends about this feeling of quitting blogging. he told me no, dont quit. so i asked why? he simply answered it by saying: if you quit something that once have made you happy, then you'll forever lose that feeling...


Anonymous said...

kak mard!
jgn la benti. hdup blog! hehe
memg tnsion ble tk dpt fdback. sbb atin pn tnsion! haha
tpi tkpe. as long as ape kite tulis kt blog tu wt kita rasa appy, lega etc then jgn benti menulis. :D
serious, one day msti kak mard akn trgerak ati utk baca balik and ingt blik ape trjadi time dulu.
hee. tulis aje..wlaupun update tu hnya sbulan skali. :)

mardhiyah said...

heee.. aten im glad ade gak org understand :D yeah... im going to continue on blogging!! :D thanks aten!!

Anonymous said...

hee! wlcome2.
blog jgn tk blog.. hehe