Sunday, January 24, 2010

look and see

lately ive been flooding the blog with complaints and discontentment but that was really a part of whats inside my mind, im sorry if it sounds too emotional or anything but nevertheless i thank you dearest friends for understanding the situation and also for the valuable pieces of advice.. i will keep them properly here in my heart *sambil tapak tgn tunjuk ke hati*

its sunday morning and i feel like blogging. huu.. since last entry i was talking about looking forward, there are a few things that i have in my mind for the future.. pharmacists : they can go into four different sectors
  1. hospital
  2. community (retail)
  3. industry
  4. education
i have spent last holiday gaining experiences working in a retail pharmacy.. i realise that i like meeting different kind of people and also communicating with patients, consulting them about the proper usage of their medicines. but theres one part that i kureng sikit, that is the business and administration part.. uhh, i really am not into that kind of thing, sadly honestly. so probably im not fit to be in this sector unless i get married to a person who is into these things lol :p

moving on to the hospital sector, my hospital attachment has just started last week. although hospital kajang isnt new and with 16 uitm pharmacy students attached there, it looked as though the place is congested, and with 2 hours journey from puncak alam, i still would say that we are honored to be in the hospital because it's all about gaining valuable experience. the first week, i got attached to the OPD department, i'd say the flow of work is really interesting however routinely it may appear. and next week it's going to be IPD for me and 3 of my teammates. i like the 5S system theyre practicing by the way. very organised. hahh, dah satu benda yang sy leh amek and apply dlm hidup.. 5S..

industrial ? i have no comment yet, since our practical training for industry is going to be in our upcoming holidays but from my first impression of the subject we're learning this sem, it's not as bad as it may sound.. but still, i have to experience it first to comment further. and lastly, education.. to be a lecturer? hmm, ive got to think twice or mybe even more than that.. i dunno.. i just cannot visualise myself being a lecturer..can you ?

with that all said , in reality, sy masih lagi jadi tukang rasa skrg ni..merasa dan mengomen,, kalau tak suka sy tak makan dah, kalau suka berkali2 sy tambah.. whats important now is to experience and get a taste of everything,, and whats more important is to be sincere in everything we do.. a reminder to myself as well, kerja yang dilakukan kerana Allah adalah satu ibadah... jadi sy kena ikhlas kan diri, bermalas2an sy tak mau lagi.. insyaAllah, kuatkan semangat ku ini, ya Rabbi.

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