Friday, January 22, 2010


sometimes i think watching too much korean dramas is bad.. they do me nothing but having high expectations of guys. guys should be like this, they should do this, and they should do that, i want a guy like that, he's so sweet and bla di bla...i shouldnt be blaming the dramas but i get tired of myself setting criterias of a dream guy. its not much use anyway, every one has their own good and bad points. ive got to stop myself from getting too attached to fictional characters that sometimes i feel like ive lost my senses. truth is, korean dramas, they portray emotions well that i can truly feel them. it's just an act, for god's sake! probably i have been given the chance to be in their shoes, it is as though the act was real. this sounds like an excerpt from my english lit coursework : every word, every action lies a meaning which not everyone can interpret well. probably differently but that's how we view things.

so typical of me,, kdg2 berada diawang2an smp takmau balik ke reality tp kenyatannye disitula tmpt nye kte patut ada,, tak kisah la suka atau tidak..belajar lah untuk menerima meskipun hidup tak selalu memberi. insyaAllah ada juga hikmah nya tu nnt.. bak kata izzatizaki: give time, time..

stop with the nonsense already, mardhiyah. you've got to set your priorities right. look forward, look ahead of you, you've set GOALS that you're determined to achieve,, please focus on that..other things will come later on, sooner than you might realize it..insyaAllah. get back to your senses, cry if you must, but afterwards leave your heart no space for unnecessary things.. have faith in Allah because He wont turn you down..


izzati said...

go and get your turkish delight dear.and definitely give time,time.insyAllah everything will be okay.
p/s i havent set my goals yet

nadzwareina said...

mar, situasi kita sama.. drama2 korea ni org lagi bnyk tengok dari mar pun lately ni bnyk termenung, berangan, pikirkan benda2 yg xberfaedah lgsung utk diri kita..

xpe2, jom kita cuba sama2 berusaha ke arah yg lebih baik~ InsyaAllah..

iman said...

salam radhi.. lamanye x komen pape kat ur page. hope ur doing fine there :)

bout the dramas, since i got to uk, i went to talks and i realised how small those dramas were compared to the real deal. and truth is, we have soo many responsibilities in this world - being a practicing muslim itself already keeps us busy! and then comes the daughter, friend, doctor, neighbour, wife, mother and other titles. and they sure come with responsibilties! come to think of it, like u said, dramas do take a lot of our times kan? huhu. been thru those days.

but Allah is still giving us the time to change. Islam will be the world order once again, so lets be part of it, shall we? :)

lotsa luv,

Mardhiyah said...

wslm wrt.thanks dearest friends zati, wawa, iman... i will try my best to keep in the right track, i dun want anything else interfering anymore with this one short life i have insyaAllah,.. it's these little things that make up the big thing,, but i have overlooked their importance. Allah, kuatkan hati hamba2Mu ini...hanya Engkau yg tahu ape yg terkandung dlm hati2 kami.

me said...

tgk you're beautiful
bes :D

Mardhiyah said...


dah tgk dah.. huhu. tak suke watak tae kyung

me said...

i bought a new corby same like in youre beautiful!! its so cute xD